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Thank you for hosting a Style Up! Use this page to share information about your upcoming event with your friends. The more guests you have will increase the number and amount of orders placed at your event allowing you to earn fabulous rewards in our Host Award program.

If you want to invite someone to your party, but don't have their email address, send them this link where appropriate (txt, facebook, etc):

Style Up # 7585
Host Sharon Lomo
Event Date 12/8/2014 7:30:00 PM
Stylist MrsBetty Tracy
Contact Email BeSTclips@TracyEnt.com
Contact Phone 775 301 9742
This Style Up is closed and no further changes can be made.

If you feel this message is in error, please contact the Stylist listed above for assistance.
Manage E-Vites and Invited Guests
Your Guest list contains everyone who has been invited to your event through this system including guests who registered through your Style Up website. You may add more guests using the tools below.

Don't forget to send e-vites to each of your guests.

  1. Personalize the evite using the editor provided below and click Save Changes.
  2. Select the guests to whom you will send an e-vite.
  3. Select the e-vite template to use.
  4. Click the send button.
Note: When sending an e-vite, the response code will be reset to NORESPONSE until your guest responds by clicking one of the links provided in the e-vite.
Send EviteAction  Guest NameEmailPhoneSelect EvitePreviewLast EviteLast Evite DateInvitedResponse DateResponse Code
Christensen, ChristyCchristensen411@gmail.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/18/2014NORESPONSE
Domingues, Tessa4domings@gmail.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/18/2014NORESPONSE
Galindo, Nastaskiagalindokia@gmail.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/19/2014NORESPONSE
Hyatt, KristaKhyatt13@gmail.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/18/2014NORESPONSE
Jones, Janjanjones88@gmail.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/20/2014NORESPONSE
LaFoon, EdyedyLafoon3@yahoo.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/18/2014NORESPONSE
Lanuza, Sarahsarita.lanuza93@gmail.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/19/2014NORESPONSE
Lomo, Sharonsharonimuslomo@reagan.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/30/2014NORESPONSE
Lopez-Madera, Rosamadera001@gmail.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/18/2014NORESPONSE
Neihart, Fayefayeneihart@gmail.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/20/2014NORESPONSE
Pantoja, Sandyspurrdy@yahoo.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/19/2014NORESPONSE
Valland, WandaWandavalland@gmail.com
Web PartyDec 2 2014 11:00PM11/18/2014NORESPONSE
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To add a new guest -
Simply fill in the form below and click the Add New Guest Button below. The new guest will automatically be added to the guest list. Don't forget to send them an e-vite!

To Edit Details of an Existing Guest -
Click the 'Edit' button next to the name of the invited guest in the list above. Their information will be copied to the form below, where you may then edit it. Once you have completed all changes, click the 'Save Changes' button.
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Available Guests
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Action  Guest Name
Lomo, Sharon
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You may add a personal message to the email invitations that we will be sending out on your behalf. Simply use the below tool to create the message that you want to include. The message you enter here will appear in the e-vite. (Use the preview button to see the results)
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